In 2023 You Keep Moving!

I have always been a take-it-as-it-comes kind of person. Generally happy with my life and able to find the silver lining in a situation. Covid and 2020 changed that.

At work overnight and without the consideration of a simple conversation, my designation was changed from non-essential to essential staff. Which freed me up to be “redeployed.” Of course, I had questions and concerns. When I tried to voice those concerns…Let’s just say what I had to say was not well received. With elderly parents to consider, I asked to work from home but was refused. I went on family leave. 

As I was about to return to work, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer on top of having COPD. My concern for his safety fell on deaf ears because as my family leave ended, I was told I was going to have to report to a nursing home to attend to someone with Covid. “I’m sorry…if remember they didn’t have Covid when they were admitted, did they?” of course they did not When I refused, I got ” Well, then we don’t know what to do with you.

Your job is a job, not your life. If you leave, you will be replaced. I always knew that, but it was illustrated in a way that made me take notice. I stood my ground and said no, the world didn’t come crashing down around me. 

My family leave was filled with pharmacy and grocery store runs and “No, you can’t go outside” conversations. During this time, I was introduced to Personal Growth and Investing in myself. There were free courses everywhere, and I signed up! Shout out to Udemy and the magic of Zoom! 

It helped me shift my perspective and realize that I was limiting myself because I was allowing the opinions of others to define me. People will not always see or admit that they see your value. You keep moving. They will not always clap when you win, take note, but you keep moving. They will build imaginary barriers and try to contain you. You keep moving. You are a bright light in the universe, and sometimes, your light will make people uncomfortable. Their discomfort is not your problem. KEEP MOVING!

Then the question becomes, how do you keep moving? Well, it’s simple… and it’s not… unlearning things is challenging.  Invest in yourself. To be clear, I’m not saying that any of us need to go broke or quit our jobs. But think about all the things you say you’d like to do “if you had time”, then do them. Plan to get your hair done, or do it yourself but schedule the time. Take the time to read a few pages of that book you started a while back, and have a cup of tea or glass of wine while you read. Take a few minutes to pack your lunch before you go to bed. Learn a new skill.  If you are not giving yourself “Me Time” on a daily basis, you get lost in the hubbub of daily life. #notgood!

For a while, I was lost in my own sauce and didn’t understand why I was grouchy… I WAS TIRED! So I sat down! And the world went on. Now to separate my day, I listen to a podcast or meditation or read a personal growth book on my way home. (no meditation or reading if you are driving tho!)

Establish boundaries at home and work; when I get home, I care for older family members, so I make sure to have a cup of tea and sit down before I do anything. I have had to say, “Not until after I’ve sat down and had my cup of tea, please.”  At work, I no longer feel like I have to do all the things. Just what’s fair and makes sense.  To my surprise, it is working. The funny thing about boundaries… People don’t respect them unless you enforce them. Don’t get me wrong, I know a few people who don’t respect boundaries…they get fed with a long-handled spoon. I’m learning to prioritize my peace. 

 Have you decided to move differently this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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