Do You Workout With Makeup On?

Do you workout with makeup on? When I went to the gym it was usually in the morning before work. I went bare-faced and barely awake. I got up, I got dressed the I got on the bus. Was I supposed to look good too?! Does anyone else think that’s a lot to ask at 5am?

My go look is usually my skincare and that’s it. I don’t bother with sunscreen because it’s usually dark and I don’t want it to run into my eyes when I sweat. Even when I worked out at lunch I removed everything to workout bare-faced. Those were the good old days, my boss gave me a two-hour lunch it was luxurious and I miss it. I’m all for looking ones best so if you do or want to wear makeup while you workout the tips below may be helpful to you. 


Your Face: So if you want to wear makeup at the gym please, please use a light hand and use a little powder not a full coverage foundation. A full beat can clog your pores, clogged pores = acne.

Your Eyes: A waterproof mascara would be the way to go for a bit of definition if you don’t wear lash extensions. False lashes… not so much…I’ve seen false eyelashes on the floor at the gym, I spent the rest of my workout trying to see who it belonged to …I know, I’m horrible This mascara is a good option.

Your Lips: I’ve seen my style icon  Tracee Ellis wear a red lip during a workout, she can do no wrong. I’m happy with lip balm.  I like Sun Bum Lip Balm but you do you! 


Whether you go the gym made up or bare-faced please take care of your skin first and foremost. How do you show up at the gym? No worries I’m not judging, just courious.



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